Grails India Conference : India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 11th January 2014

About Conference

GrailsConf is a Vendor Neutral Conference dedicated to the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. It’s a conference by developers and for developers. Thought Leaders and Architects working on Grails since its inception will present engaging case-studies, and conduct hands-on sessions.

Key Takeaways

01LEARN about the most powerful Rapid Web Application Development framework on JVM

02EXPERIENCE Groovy : A dynamic language built on JVM and inspired by powerful concepts from Python, Ruby and SmallTalk

03HYPER-PRODUCTIVE : Reuse powerful technologies like Spring and Hibernate

04ENTERPRISE READY : runs on time-tested and battle-proven JVM platform

It was a successful event which saw subject matter experts make a diverse range of contributions to the need for coding fast web application to sustain and thrive in an ever-changing dynamic digital business space.

You can find more about our conference in media coverages from PC Quest and BusinessWire India.


About Us

Community Initiative from Intelligrape Software, a leader in Grails Ecosystem.


Casuarina Hall
India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Rd, Lodi Estate, Lodi Colony,
New Delhi - 110003